Fashion Brands

Whitestuff Collection 2021

White Stuff was founded in 1985 by George Treves and Sean Thomas – two ski buffs who first sold their ‘Boys from the White Stuff’ T-shirts to pay for their skiing habit. 35 years on, and they now sell beautiful women’s wear, men’s wear, and accessories.

At White Stuff they believe in being different, making a difference and making the world a little happier. They put ‘happiness in every stitch’ of what they do. They also support local charities through the White Stuff Foundation.

All their unique prints are designed by White Stuff. They love colour, nothing shouty or brash, and they don’t do black.

They’re obsessed with detail. Prints inspired by a notebook in Tokyo, sausage dogs embroidered onto trouser pockets, hearts etched into buttons on sleeves. Their irreverent sense of humour can be found in everything they do.


Masai Fashion

Masai Clothing Company was founded in 1992 by sister and brother Nina and Hans Rye.

To-day the clothing is retailed by more than 1200 independent fashion shops worldwide.

Masai is designed for the adult and fashion-conscious woman who prefers a relaxed and individual style.

The interesting and varied silhouettes, together with the many high-quality fabrics, give the exact unique expression,

which characterizes Masai.





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